For Promoting Bris Milah is the ultimate all-in-one website for Jewish parents and anyone interested in learning more about the laws, customs, and meaning to the mitzvah of Bris Milah — Ritual Circumcision.


As a Mohel for over 28 years, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits is in contact with people of many different backgrounds and affiliations. He learned over time that although there is a great devotion to the mitzvah of Bris Milah there is still a considerable lack of knowledge regarding the customs and laws surrounding its fulfillment.


It is important to stress, that due to the lack of knowledge or  access to a Mohel, some don't realize that Bris Milah is a religious observance and not a medical procedure and therefore:


They might do the following which will render the Bris invalid:


  • Using a doctor to perform the Bris before the 8th-day

  • The Bris may be done by a non-observent or even a non Jew 

  • The Bris is not performed in accordance with the intentions as well as the methods of Jewish law


In addition, due to aggressive campaigns against Bris Milah, targeting parents as well as Mohalim for harassment. The Mitzva of Bris Milah has been impacted by an onslaught of negative media and a lack of knowledge. This has resulted in many unaffiliated Jewish children not receiving a proper Bris or not receiving a Bris at all.

And therefore Rabbi Markovits launched the "Bris Milah Institute", to:

  • Promote – The Mitzvah of Bris Milah

  • Educate – Parents as well as Mohalim on Medical & Practical guidance

  • Provide – Provide the means so every Jewish child can receive a proper Bris Milah - Jewish Circumcision regardless of location or affiliation.


Our sages state that where necessary, it’s the obligation of each Jewish individual to actively help those who are in need of having a proper Bris. 

Help us promoting and providing this sacred covenant as well as defend Bris Milah where it has encountered slanderous campaigns





For more information about Bris Milah Institute and

Please contact:


Rabbi Nechemia Markovits - M.B. Certifed Mohel

Call: 347-600-8800 or email:




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Bris Milah Institute

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