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The Pidyon Haben

  • Another interesting Jewish ceremony is that of "Pidyon HaBen". The Torah tells us that all firstborn sons that "open the mother's womb", belong to the Kohen, or High Priest. It is, therefore, our obligation to redeem our firstborn sons from the Kohen on the 31st day of the boy's life.

  • This ceremony should take place on its appropriate day, unless the 31st day happens to be shabbat or a Jewish holiday, in which case it should be postponed until the following day.

  • Pidyon HaBen applies only to males who are firstborn; that is, there were no previous miscarriages.

  • In addition, the child must be born naturally, and not through any unnatural methods such as a C-section.

  • If the mother is a daughter of a Kohen or a Levite, or if the father is a Kohen or a Levite, the child does not have to be redeemed.

  • If a grown man was not yet redeemed by his father, he should then redeem himself from a Kohen.

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Congratulations! You have chosen to use Rabbi Nechemia Markovits as the Mohel to perform the circumcision for your son.


Many people contact the Mohel well before the baby is born in order to become familiar with the many details involved in a Jewish circumcision (Bris Milah) and ceremony.


  1. Please submit the information form [here]

  2. Upon receipt of your information you will receive a "Bris-Milah package" which includes: Bris-Milah Parent Guide, forms to fill out and checklist of items that you will need to prepare for the Bris Milah .

  3. Upon the birth your child please contact Rabbi Markovits to finalize plans.

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