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Postponement for health reasons

  • The Bris should be performed at the proper time on the the 8th day from the baby's birth.

  • However, A Bris Milah is never performed if it poses any danger to the infant. Your doctor and/or mohel's advice to delay a Bris for health reasons should always be heeded.

  • A Bris may not be performed on an ill child until he is fully recovered. The slightest ailment or the least pain, as determined by a mohel, doctor or rabbi may be reason enough to postpone the bris until the child is healed.

  • In cases of illnesses affecting the entire body, a delay of seven days following full recovery is required. 

  • If the disease is one that affects only a certain part of the body, there is no waiting period and the bris can be carried out immediately upon full recovery.

  • If the child is born prematurely or there is any question as to the baby's health, your doctor will advise you when the bris can be performed medically.

  • The most common cause for delaying circumcision is a condition known as jaundice (yellow pigmentation of the skin). In case of jaundice,  the bris cannot be performed; it is delayed until the bilirubin in the blood drops to a safe level. The bris may then be performed without endangering the child. 

  • However, if the jaundice condition is serious enough, a delay of seven days following full recovery is required.

  • An underweight child cannot be circumcised. However, once the necessary weight is achieved, the bris can be performed immediately without a waiting period.

  • If a bris must be postponed, the Hebrew name is given to the baby when the bris does actually take place.

It is the responsibility of the Mohel, in consultation with the doctor and the family, to determine if a delay is necessary according to Jewish law.

It is forbidden to postpone the bris for any reason other than health of the child!

Mazel Tov on the birth of your new child! May you merit bringing him into the covenant of Abraham.


Congratulations! You have chosen to use Rabbi Nechemia Markovits as the Mohel to perform the circumcision for your son.


Many people contact the Mohel well before the baby is born in order to become familiar with the many details involved in a Jewish circumcision (Bris Milah) and ceremony.


  1. Please submit the information form [here]

  2. Upon receipt of your information you will receive a "Bris-Milah package" which includes: Bris-Milah Parent Guide, forms to fill out and checklist of items that you will need to prepare for the Bris Milah .

  3. Upon the birth your child please contact Rabbi Markovits to finalize plans.

Available in the New York Tri-State area and beyond

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