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Regarding Circumcision  on my patient Joel Gold,


Circumcision clean & dry, done correctly and proffessionally.

To whom this may concern:


Regarding Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits:


Over the years we have gotten to know Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits. He is a sincere and fine individual who shows unbelievable devotion towards all families he has serviced including most of our grandchildren. He is reliable, punctual, efficient, always explaining very clearly what to expect during and following the brisim, being very calm and patient. He remained in constant contact after the bris. He always made us feel confident that everything will be taken care to the utmost perfection, and it was. He demonstrates the highest degree of sterile technique with meticulous surgical skills.


We were very impressed with his expertise and care from beginning till the end.


We highly recommend Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits, as our experiences with Rabbi Markovits were always very positive.


We want to thank you for your help and support.



The Deutsch’es

(732) 363-7173

Lakewood, NJ



We are very happy with the circumcisions Rabbi Nechemia Markovits performed on our three sons. We found him to be very accessible and very knowledgeable about everything pertaining to circumcision.


The circumcision procedure was performed quickly and with great skill. Our babies' recovery from the circumcision procedure was gentle and swift.


We are pleased to have the opportunity to recommend the mohel, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits, to others.


Mordechai & Henny Leiber

(845) 248-5406

Upstate, NY 

We certainly consider Rabbi Nechemia Markovits among the most experienced and technically superb Mohels in the United States.


On the basis of viewing Rabbi Markovits circumcision technique, we can confidently recommend him to you for any future circumcision procedures (Brit Milah). He is the master who has learned from the masters and will continue the same tradition of surgical excellence in the future.


If we may be of any further assistance in discussing the matter of circumcision and Brit Milah, our personal experience with Rabbi Nechemia Markovits allows us to highly recommend him to you for the performance of circumcision (Brit Milah).


Please feel free to contact us in the future if there are any questions or if we may be of further assistance in recommending this excellent Mohel to you in the future.


We have B”H had the merit of using Rabbi Markovits as the Mohel for our four sons and we thank him greatly.


Mendel & Hendy Wolf

(646) 963-5260

Brooklyn, NY

I was very nervous about circumcising my son, but as soon as Rabbi Nechemia Markovits entered my home I felt at ease. He very patiently described the procedure and instantly calmed my frayed nerves.


Rabbi Markovits was very swift, smooth, calm and professional. The baby slept serenely after the bris and thereafter.


My pediatrician was very impressed how beautifully and quickly the circumcision healed.


I highly recomend Rabbi Markovits without hesitation.


Betty Marks

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Nechemia Markovits is an experienced senior Mohel, whom we have had the pleasure of working with for years. We certainly consider him among the most experienced and technically superb Mohalim in the United States.


We are very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Mohel, Rabbi Markovits, as we had great experiences using him for our son’s Brisim. His efficiency and professionalism are key assets to his dedicated performance.


Rabbi Markovits strives to accommodate all who seek his skilled services, often travelling throughout the States and abroad to perform circumcisions.


We are happy to confidently recommend Rabbi Markovits as an outstanding experienced and highly skilled Mohel.


We wish him continued success.


AL and Libby Gutwein

(908) 770-3407

Ocean County, NJ

We highly recommend Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits as we used him for all our children.


We were extremely impressed how quickly and carefully he did all the brisim. His precision, professionalism, and reassurance were just amazing. His devotion and skill are unmatched.


Mohel Nechemia Markovits showed such compassion, being available at all times for our care and comfort. Rabbi Markovits perfection as a Mohel speaks for itself.


We are very happy to recommend Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits without any hesitation.


Max & Hellen Deutsch

(718) 435-1945

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Rabbi Markovits,


Your website was very helpful to us in researching the issues of Bris Milah. I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you.


The issue of a Bris can be a sensitive one and as we have found, full of misunder-standings and misinformation. Your website has helped a lot. It informed us more than many of the doctors and Rabbis we have spoken to put together. By informing and educating us you fulfilled a great Mitzvah in my book and possibly with the log kept up above.


Warm regards,


Rabbi Markovits,


Meir is doing well: his pediatrician said his circumcision was "perfect."


Moreover, the service was experienced by most people as "beautiful...spiritual...I have been to a lot of brisses but this was the best, most spiritual one I have been to.


The "Throne of Eliyah's dedication " that you recited set the tone and the tune that provided a "vessel" for people to "travel" on....


Thank You

Devorah Ehrenfeld

I got to know Rabbi Nechemia Markovits on a personal level through his work as a mohel in my local community shul & and I personally observed his outstanding devotion to the new-born child and to the parents.


What struck me even more was his extreme cleanliness and extra sensitivity to hygienic issues surrounding the Bris Milah, always commenting & emphasizing the importance of it, long before it became a public discussion.


I also remember years back, the long periods of times he was out of the country studying and practicing Brisim under the auspices and guidance of the finest and most respected Rabbinical Mohalim in England, after which he came back and finally started to practice Brisim here on his own.


Rabbi Nechemia has always been a pro and expert in terms of preforming Brisim in my eyes. Therefore, It was an easy decision when I changed Mohalim & started using the outstanding service of then-young Rabbi Nechemia for my sons, from the second boy on to the fifth קע"ה.


As Mohel for my 4 sons, Rabbi Nechemia was always totally devoted & caring to a degree which I haven't seen elsewhere. And he would follow thorough after a Bris, explaining & including both parents on the process until it was completely healed!He's the best in the field!


V. Deutsch

(347) 268-1569

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Markowits was born into a family where his father was an esteemed mohel already in pre – war Europe . He was brought up experiencing and witnessing this tremendous mitzvah first hand . Having studied all the most modern and up to date techniques of millah in London , Rabbi Markowitz performs this mitzvah in a swift , efficient manner while at the same time imbuing the atmospheric and emotional warmth. 


The aftercare he gives is “first – class” while his jovial and amusing character relaxes all around him .


May he continue performing this wonderful Mitzvah in good health for many years to come .


L Waldman

+ 44 7976 952 527


After giving birth to our son after 6 girls, we were delighted that Rabbi Nehemia Markovits was able to come to the UK and perform the Bris.

His expertise and friendly demeanor was well known and we felt very confident to hand over our baby into his hands. His post-care instructions were simple and easy to follow and everything healed really quickly.


We highly recommend his friendly and professional service.


Alexander and Perele Spitzer

+44 208 455 2240

Golders green, London



We used Rabbi Markowits for all three of our sons brissem.


He was quick and efficient, making sure the baby was as comfortable as possible. He kept reassuring us, and was always super confident and calm. He followed up after each bris, with careful instructions, and reassurances.


We have, and still do recommend him, to all our family and friends. We would be glad to give further information.


Yitzchok & Devory Klein


Brooklyn, NY



Rabbi Markovits is an outstanding Mohel whose knowledge, professionalism, and sincerity exceeded our expectations. He not only performed the mitzvah of Brit Milah for our children including both of our twin boys but was thorough and diligent from a medical standpoint as well, making sure to be in contact with our pediatrician, and making multiple home visits both before and after the circumcisions.


We are truly grateful to Rabbi Markovits for his dedication.


Thanks again, a proud father

Leiby Lefkowitz


Brooklyn, NY

Dear Rabbi Markovits, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work that you did during the circumcision of our sons.


Certainly, we were grateful for your wonderful technical expertise, but your kindness and sensitivity were also very appreciated. I truly believe that everyone was touched by the ceremony that you performed. Your skill and caring made what is commonly a stressful situation very easy, and on behalf of our entire family I send you our most heartfelt thanks.



Menachem and Gitty


Orange County, NY

I was privileged to come across Rabbi Markovits as a Mohel,  we used him for our five sons and our four grandson's Brissim KA"H.


Rabbi Markovits is exceptionally sterile calm & very professional. My sons usually tend to have high bilirubin. Rabbi Markovits coached me & assisted me till the Bris with utmost responsibility for the benefit of my baby, and B"H my sons brissim were all on time. To top it off ! The cherrie on the pie, the babies healed very nicely and quickly, allowing me a serene and wonderful rest.


For more recommendations feel free to contact me.


Chanie Greenfield


Brooklyn, NY

From my personal great experiences having used as Mohel, Rabbi Markovits to perform the brissen of 4 of my sons.


He's perfectionism, experience and efficiency, combined with his confindents and calmness  is unmached.


I would defenitely recommend  Rabbi Markovits as the best Mohel in town.


Nechemia and Vivian Weiss


New York, NY

Dear Rabbi Markovits.


I want to thank you for you an amazing job, your professionalism and caring, understanding was truly amazing.


We thank you again.


Eli Rubin


Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Markovits would be honored to serve as the Mohel of your son!

Available in the New York Tri-State area and beyond

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