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About Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B. Certified Mohel

Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B is a fifth-generation Mohel based in Brooklyn, NY, with a remarkable legacy spanning over 35 years. Specializing in Jewish Bris Milah ceremonies and ritual circumcisions, Rabbi Markovits has become a trusted and revered figure, extending his compassionate care to communities across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and beyond.


New York Mohel Rabbi Markovits is a seasoned expert in Bris Milah (Brit Milah) Ritual Circumcisions, offering his services to individuals of all ages--from infants to adults. His wealth of experience, spanning more than three decades, has made him a sought-after Mohel, serving people of diverse faiths and affiliations regardless of religious orientation.

Certification and Recognition:

Certified by The Medical Board of the Initiation Society and Beth Din of London, Rabbi Markovits holds esteemed qualifications. Ordained by the late Chief Rabbi of England, Lord Immanuel Jacobowitz, he earned recognition as the youngest mohel ever certified by the Initiation Society and Beth Din of London, showcasing his dedication and expertise.

Decades of Dedication:
Commencing his practice in 1986, Rabbi Markovits has performed thousands of Bris Milah and Ritual Circumcisions. Today, he continues to serve the community, creating a lasting impact by performing bris milah and circumcisions on the children of the boys he circumcised over three decades ago.


Ancient Halachic Customs:

Rabbi Markovits strictly adheres to the ancient halachic customs of the Jewish tradition, practiced for over 3,500 years. His commitment extends to performing circumcision on both infants and adults, emphasizing the continuity of tradition.

Pain-Free Experience: 

Like most Orthodox Mohalim, Rabbi Markovits performs Bris only using the plain Shield called a מגן - a Magen (in Hebrew), without the use of painful devices. This ensures a pain-free experience for all, especially infants, reflecting his dedication to their well-being.

Community Service:

In the late '80s and '90s, Rabbi Markovits served as a Certified Mohel on the staff of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (F.R.E.E.) , participating in over 15,000 circumcisions for Russian Jewish immigrants. 

Bris Milah Institute: 

Rabbi Markovits serves as the Chairman of the Bris Milah Institute, where he imparts his knowledge and expertise to train students aspiring to become professional mohelim. This commitment to education underscores his dedication to ensuring the continuity of skilled practitioners in the field.

Traveling for Circumcision:

Rabbi Markovits extends his services globally, traveling across the United States and internationally, including Europe and Asia, to perform circumcisions. Families in distant areas without access to qualified mohelim can explore the possibility of Rabbi Markovits traveling to their location for the circumcision ceremony, establishing a global connection rooted in tradition and expertise.

Trust, Tradition, and Excellence: 

As you learn more about Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B. on this About Page, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of tradition, compassion, and expertise that defines his practice. Families who choose Rabbi Markovits experience a ceremony that blends tradition, compassion, and the expertise of a seasoned professional. Whether it's a religious Bris Milah or a ritual circumcision, each ceremony reflects the trust, tradition, and excellence that characterize Rabbi Markovits's commitment to the well-being of individuals and families alike.

Mohel Nechemia Markovits Bris Certification | USA Mohel

Rabbi Markovits is a Highly
Professional Expert Mohel

Certified by The Medical Board of the Initiation Society and Beth Din of London, and ordained by the late Chief Rabbi of England, Lord Immanuel Jacobowitz.

The Initiation Society is the oldest Anglo-Jewish organization. Founded over 250 years ago, it has existed to ensure the highest medical and religious standards for bris milah (circumcision) amongst mohelim (practitioners). The Initiation society works in close contact with the London Beth Din and all mohelim have to undergo formal training in the medical and halachic (religious) aspects of bris milah.

Rabbi Nechemia Markovits possesses a deep understanding of the cultural and religious significance of circumcision. He is trained in the religious and medical aspects of the procedure, making him a trusted choice for families seeking a home circumcision. His expertise and qualifications make him an ideal choice for those who value the importance of a skilled professional in this delicate procedure.

With a reputation built on trust and excellence, Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits has garnered praise from thousands of families and individuals who have entrusted him with their children's circumcision, as well as adults who have sought his expertise for regular circumcisions. Testimonials speak highly of his gentle approach, professionalism, and dedication to ensuring a safe and meaningful experience for both the child and the family.

When it comes to such a significant event in a family's or individual's life, the expertise of the mohel becomes paramount. Mohel Rabbi Nechemia Markovits possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to perform the procedure with utmost care and precision, minimizing any potential risks associated with the circumcision process.

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