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Finding a Top Mohel

  • If you live in locations where you cannot find a qualified mohel to perform Jewish Bris - traditional circumcision on your newborn baby boy. In some cases there is no qualified mohel to perform circumcision where you live.

  • In other cases there may be a qualified mohel for circumcision in your area, but the family of the newborn baby boy does not know of the mohel and/or does not know how to contact the mohel.

  • Rabbi Nechemia Markovits may be able to help, by giving contact information for a Rabbi or mohel in various communities throughout the country. In many cases the Rabbi will be able to guide you to a mohel who can perform the circumcision.

  • Rabbi Markovits can not and does not assume responsibility or liability for such information. It is up to the family to do the proper research and make sure they are obtaining the services of a qualified experienced mohel.

  • Rabbi Markovits has traveled great distances to perform Jewish Bris Milah circumcisions and may be contacted about traveling out to distant locations to perform a traditional circumcision.

How do I choose a mohel?

When choosing a mohel, it is important to realize that you need an experienced professional in the surgical aspects as well as in the religious aspects of performing a traditional Jewish ceremony.


Many Mohels will provide you with testimonials and references from people who are familiar with them.


For testimonials from people who are familiar with Rabbi Markovits services as a Mohel, please go to our Testimonials page

Available in the New York Tri-State area and beyond

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