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Choosing the Perfect Jewish Name for Your Baby    A Guide to Meaningful Naming

When it comes to naming your baby, the Jewish tradition holds special significance. The momentous occasion of the bris marks the official naming of the baby, accompanied by prayers and a deep connection to the soul. In this article, we will explore the importance of naming in Jewish culture and provide guidance on selecting a meaningful name for your child. Discover the beauty and significance of Jewish names and the influence they can have on shaping your child's character.

1. The Significance of the Bris

The bris ceremony holds great importance in the Jewish tradition as it symbolizes the complete union of the body and soul. Only after the bris is performed does the Divine soul begin to radiate its light. Consequently, it is customary to wait until this momentous occasion to give the child their Jewish name. Since the name is intrinsically linked to the soul, the bris serves as the most appropriate time for the naming ceremony.

2. Choosing a Name

Selecting the right name for your child is a decision that carries immense weight. In Jewish culture, it is common to name a child after a righteous individual, as the name is believed to influence the child's character. Ashkenazi Jews often honor deceased relatives by naming their children after them, while Sephardic Jews may choose to name their children after living relatives as a form of tribute.

3. Remembering Departed Loved Ones

When commemorating a loved one who passed away at a young age, it is customary to include another name associated with life. This practice not only pays homage to the departed but also serves as a reminder of the vitality that exists within each new life. Additionally, some families choose to honor individuals who lived a long and fulfilling life by incorporating their name into their child's name.

4. The Naming of Baby Girls

The naming ceremony for baby girls holds equal significance as that of baby boys. It should ideally take place as soon as possible after the birth, coinciding with the father's opportunity to be called to the Torah. During this time, a special prayer is recited on behalf of the mother and the baby, followed by the bestowal of a Jewish name. The guidelines for naming a baby girl align with those for naming a baby boy, ensuring equality and respect within Jewish naming traditions.

5. Seeking Guidance

Choosing a name for your baby can be a challenging decision for parents. In such cases, a mohel, an expert in Jewish ritual circumcision, can offer valuable assistance. Their knowledge and experience can help ensure that both parents and baby feel comfortable and satisfied with the chosen name. For further guidance on this important matter, feel free to contact Rabbi Markovits, who can provide expert advice and support.


The process of naming your baby in the Jewish tradition is a deeply meaningful and spiritual endeavor. It is a reflection of the connection between the body and soul and holds the power to shape your child's character. By choosing a name that honors the past, celebrates life, and embraces Jewish traditions, you create a legacy that will accompany your child throughout their journey. Allow the significance and beauty of a Jewish name to guide you as you embark on this joyous and meaningful chapter of parenthood.

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