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Bris Milah Check list 

IMPORTANT: To assure that the bris be held as planned, it is important that if any health-related concern develops (i.e rash, fever, etc.) it should be brought to the Mohel's attention immediately.



You will receive the printable "Bris-Milah package" which includes: The Complete Bris-Milah Parent's Guide, forms to fill out and checklist of items that you will need to prepare for the Bris Milah after registration.



Pre-Bris Instructions


  • Baby should be given a sponge bath the night before the circumcision.

  • No ointment or powder on the penis 12 hours before the circumcision.

  • Please ensure that your child has concluded a “half-breast-feeding” ½ hour before the procedure and has burped. This avoids painful indigestion from a recent meal, though is not so long that your baby will be overly hungry.

  • Give the baby a bottle of sugar water or let the baby suck on a gauze pad soaked in concentrated sugar water.

Items to be on hand at the Bris:

  • _____ 5 Disposable diapers and diaper wipes

  • _____ Baby bottle containing sugar water at room temperature

  • _____ Pacifier

  • _____ Vaseline

  • _____ Receiving blanket

  • _____ A firm pillow covered with a clean white pillowcase.

  • _____ A table large enough for the Bris Milah instruments (bridge table)

  • _____ Two chairs; one for the Sandek, and one for the Throne of Elijah - Kiseh shel Eliyahu

  • _____ Tallis (prayer shawl); one each for the father, Sandek, and Standing Sandek

  • _____ Kippot (yarmulkes) for your guests

  • _____ Kiddush cup & Kosher wine

  • _____ Candles in candlesticks and matches (Not on Shabbos or Yom Tov)

  • _____ A small waste paper basket with plastic bag



Mazel Tov on the birth of your new child! May you merit bringing him into the covenant of Abraham.


Congratulations! You have chosen to use Rabbi Nechemia Markovits as the Mohel to perform the circumcision for your son.


Many people contact the Mohel well before the baby is born in order to become familiar with the many details involved in a Jewish circumcision (Bris Milah) and ceremony.


  1. Please submit the information form [here]

  2. Upon receipt of your information you will receive a "Bris-Milah package" which includes: Bris-Milah Parent Guide, forms to fill out and checklist of items that you will need to prepare for the Bris Milah .

  3. Upon the birth your child please contact Rabbi Markovits to finalize plans.

After care Supplies:

  • MOHEL WILL PROVIDE: Gauze Pads and Bacitracin 

  • Keep at home:

    • Large Lubricating jelly called White Petrolatum (plain Vaseline or A&D ointment)

    • Baby oil

    • Infants Tylenol



For the sake of your peace of mind and to ensure promptness, please be sure that all of those who will be receiving important honorary positions are notified ahead of time and that they have their tallis prepared in advance.


Honors at the Bris:  (numbers in parenthesis represent the order of importance)


  • Kvatter (5)

  • Placing the baby on the throne of Elijah (4)

  • Lifting the baby from the throne (6) *

  • Sandak (1)

  • Lifting the baby from the Sandak (7)*

  • Standing Sandak (2)

  • Reciting the Brachos (3) **


* This Honor is optional

​**Usually the officiating Rabbi or Mohel recites the Hebrew Brachos and the prayer where your child's Jewish name is declared




Rabbi Markovits would be honored to serve as the Mohel of your son!

Available in the New York Tri-State area and beyond

Call: 347-600-8800 or email:

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