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Essential Aftercare Instructions for Circumcision:    A Complete Guide

Aftercare following circumcision is crucial to ensure proper healing and prevent complications. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information to care for your son post-circumcision. From feeding patterns to wound care, we cover it all. Read on to learn how to navigate the healing process effectively and keep your little one comfortable.


After completing the registration process, you will be provided with more comprehensive step-by-step aftercare instructions.

Normal Feeding Patterns

Following the circumcision procedure, it's important to note that your son may exhibit changes in his feeding patterns. Don't be alarmed if he consumes less during the first day. Additionally, variations in sleep patterns are common. Within approximately two cycles of eating and sleeping, your son should return to his usual behavior, typically within 24 hours.

Minimizing Stimulation for Optimal Recovery

To promote a smooth recovery, it's crucial to minimize your son's exposure to excessive stimulation. Avoid passing him around to different individuals, as overstimulation can potentially delay the healing process. Creating a calm and quiet environment will facilitate a faster and more comfortable recovery for your little one.

Wound Care Instructions

Immediately after the circumcision, a small gauze will be placed around the incision site. This gauze acts as a barrier to prevent bleeding. To avoid sticking, the gauze may be saturated with petroleum jelly. During each diaper change, ensure that you apply ointment to a sterile gauze and place it on the penis as instructed by the Mohel. This prevents the healing tissue from adhering to the diaper and promotes proper healing.

Understanding the Healing Process

Over the first two days following the circumcision, you may notice mild swelling and a beefy red appearance of the penis. Additionally, a yellowish, wet-looking scab will form on the incision site, which is a normal part of the healing process. After two days, the swelling and redness should gradually subside. The complete healing process typically spans over the course of one week. Throughout this period, clean the circumcision site with warm water and mild soap, treating it like any other part of your son's body.

Handling Stool on the Incision Site

In the event that stool comes into contact with the circumcision site, it's important to gently remove it using a clean, wet washcloth. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the wound while cleaning, ensuring that you maintain a gentle touch to prevent any complications.

Managing Penile Adhesions

After the circumcision, it is normal for the moist skin from the shaft of the penis to adhere to the rim (corona) of the penis. These adhesions can be prevented by gently pulling back the skin of the shaft and applying Vaseline around the corona during the one-week healing period. However, even if adhesions occur, there is no need for concern. They will naturally resolve as your child continues to grow.


Following these aftercare instructions diligently will help ensure a smooth recovery for your son after circumcision. Remember to monitor his feeding patterns, minimize stimulation, and follow the proper wound care routine. Understanding the healing process and knowing how to handle any complications that may arise will provide you with the confidence and knowledge necessary to support your little one's well-being during this time.

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