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Experience Safe and Compassionate Muslim Khitan Circumcision For Your Family with Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B.

In the diverse landscape of the New York Tri-State area, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits stands as a trusted and dedicated figure who values and respects the traditions and beliefs associated with Muslim Khitan circumcision. With over 35 years of experience, Rabbi Markovits, a certified Mohel, caters not only to infants but also to individuals of all ages, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to this significant practice within the Islamic faith. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of Islamic customs, he is committed to providing a circumcision experience that aligns with the principles and teachings of Islam. His expertise allows him to cater to the specific needs and desires of each family he serves, ensuring that the practice of circumcision holds true to its significance within the Islamic faith.


The Sacred Roots of Circumcision in Islam

ICircumcision is a significant tradition within the Islamic community, emphasized as a part of early childhood practices. This tradition is deeply embedded in the cultural and spiritual fabric of the community, marking a key moment in a child's life.

Circumcision and Cleanliness in Islam


Beyond its religious importance, circumcision is linked to cleanliness and purity, essential aspects of Islamic teachings. Rabbi Markovits, with his deep understanding of these principles, ensures each circumcision is spiritually meaningful.


Timing and Tradition: A Customized Approach


In Islamic tradition, the recommended age for circumcision is early in a male child's life. This aligns with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, who advised performing circumcision at a young age. Historical records reveal that during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, circumcision was customary during the Aqiqah, a joyous celebration held for the birth of a child. Notably, the Prophet Muhammad himself performed Aqiqah and circumcision for his grandsons, al-Hasan and al-Hussein, on the seventh day after their birth, as narrated in al-Bayhaqi and Tabarani.

While Islamic teachings recommend circumcision at an early age, Rabbi Markovits acknowledges that individuals of all ages may choose to embrace this practice. Whether it's during the Aqiqah celebration for newborns or at a later stage in life, Rabbi Markovits provides expert guidance, ensuring that the significance of shaping one's Islamic identity is honored.


Circumcision in Islamic Law

In the broader Islamic community, circumcision is more than a personal choice; it is an esteemed practice that upholds religious traditions. Rabbi Markovits performs each circumcision with reverence, ensuring it respects the religious significance while safeguarding the individual's well-being.


Medical Considerations

While tradition guides the timing of circumcision, medical considerations are paramount for ensuring the child's health and well-being. Rabbi Markovits is well-versed in addressing these concerns, advocating for early circumcision when medically advisable.

Medical Benefits of Circumcision in Islam

Apart from its religious and cultural dimensions, circumcision in Islam has been associated with medical benefits. Studies have documented a higher prevalence of urinary tract infections in uncircumcised boys under one-year-old. Furthermore, circumcision has been found to provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, with lower incidence rates observed among circumcised men. It also reduces the risk of inflammation of the glans and foreskin, contributing to overall health and well-being. This holistic approach to well-being aligns with Rabbi Markovits' commitment to comprehensive care for individuals of all ages.

Rabbi Markovits: Upholding Values with Expertise

Rabbi Markovits is dedicated to upholding the values and traditions of Muslim Khitan circumcision, providing a respectful and precise experience that aligns with Islamic principles.


Expertise Rooted in Tradition

Rabbi Markovits not only brings years of experience but also a deep passion for tradition. Recognizing the significance of this milestone, he adapts the circumcision procedure to suit individuals of all ages--from newborns to adults, minimizing discomfort and ensuring a respectful experience.


Precise and Compassionate Circumcision

One remarkable aspect of Rabbi Markovits' expertise is his precision during the circumcision procedure. His extensive training and experience eliminate the need for injections in newborns, ensuring the process is carried out with great accuracy. This attention to detail minimizes discomfort, providing compassionate care and support to individuals and their families.


Schedule Your Appointment Today

Don't delay in scheduling your or your baby's circumcision. Rabbi Markovits is ready to provide unparalleled services that ensure the well-being and comfort of individuals of all ages.  Contact him today to learn more about his exceptional expertise and to secure an appointment. You deserve the very best, and Rabbi Markovits is dedicated to making sure you receive it.

With reverence for the significance of this religious practice, Rabbi Markovits ensures that each circumcision experience respects the traditions and aligns with the principles of Islam.

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Rabbi Markovits has excellent manual dexterity and super-steady hands that enable him to perform the actual procedure in seconds compared to a medical circumcision which may take twenty minutes or longer when performed by a doctor, or in the hospital.


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